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Terrence Green Gets Celebrity Connected for the 91st Academy Awards

Terrence Green, who plays Rigo in the Lionsgate/YouTube series Step Up: High Water, attended Celebrity Connected’s event honoring the 91st Academy Awards at the W Hotel in Hollywood, CA. Green, joined by cast mate Carlito Olivero, who plays Davis, explored the products displayed at the Celebrity Gift Suite including Borcik Jewelry, NÜLA (Nü Lovers Apothecary) skin and hair care line, and Augustine Approved dog food. The event presented the opportunity for Green as well as other celebrities to endorse the products and connect with the representatives. “To attend Celebrity Connected meant a lot to me because I could see how much the venders care about their products,” says Green. “I was thoroughly interested in the homemade jewelry made by Borcik, whose mission is to spread awareness about mental health. I lost my brother to suicide not too long ago and Arielle, the owner and designer of Borcik Jewelry let me know that her husband is a suicide survivor. I want to make a point to reach out and connect with them in the future. Speaking with them at Celebrity Connected meant the world to me.”

Green not only connected with venders, but also spoke to other actors and shared more about his role as Rigo on the red carpet. Based on the Step Up film series, Step Up: High Water tells the story of several students attending famed performing arts school High Water, founded by recording artist Sage Odem, played by Ne-Yo. The web series introduces us to the students’ backgrounds, all very different and unique. Despite their differences, they connect by the few things they have in common, their fight and love for dance and music. Season 2, which drops on March 20th, is sure to show us more of that fight and just how far each student is willing to go to prove their love for their craft. Subscribe to YouTube Premium to find out what’s next for Rigo and the rest of the characters of Step Up: High Water. Who will end up on top? Season 2 premieres March 20th.

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