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#MotivationMonday #B2KEdition

It's never to late to accomplish your goals and dreams... just have to be willing to push forward no matter what comes your way. Don't let your age or circumstances determine if you are qualified... God will always make a way. #Part1

Well the 16-year-old in me feels like she has redeemed herself. In high school, I won tickets through Hot 106 in Providence, RI to see B2K perform. I was attending a private school and instead of being a day student, I lived on campus. There were strict rules about leaving especially during the week. My mom managed to call and give me an excuse to leave and I was cleared. BUT I messed it up by inviting a friend from school to go, so when her mom called, the school put two and two together and knew that we were going out somewhere together. So my plans got canceled and I was crushed 😢 And soon after that, the group broke up. I've met Omarion several times over the years but this was my first time meeting Fizz, Raz B, and J Boog. I'm so grateful for the experience and to witness you all coming together. So many of us got to relive childhood memories and dreams. Congratulations on the Millennium Tour! 💙💙💙 #Part2

Check out a Throwback Thursday post from last August where I wished for B2K to reunite... so crazy that it actually happened! Click here!

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