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A Dream Only Fades When You Stop Believing....

Remember as a young child when you dreamt of the day that you would be an artist, a doctor, or would even start your own business? You imagined where you would live, how much money you would make, and how happy you would be living your dream. You knew what you wanted but never imagined what it would take to get there. It seemed like obtaining it all would be easy back then, but as you grew older, you realized accomplishing your dream required more than just imagining it. You needed a plan and a strategy, and most likely, you created a backup plan if the first one didn’t give you the results you had hoped for.

Sometimes there are tests set before you to see how determined you are to accomplish your goals and dreams… don’t let them deter you! With trial and error, the tasks get easier. You often see the results of others’ journeys and rarely know the stories behind what it took for them to get there. I tell you this because many go through the same struggles. I surely have. Often times you feel that you are the only one that faces tough times. You are not alone.

We tend to ask ourselves, ‘why is this happening to me?’ Or, ‘what am I doing wrong?’ The problem might stem from taking the wrong approach toward achieving our goals, or we are simply being too steadfast in our ways. Whatever the case may be, we must evaluate what we have been doing and determine what has and hasn’t worked. From there, we can decide which direction to go next.

It is good to know what your goals are, but you should also be open-minded to other opportunities that are set before you. Be open to the possibilities because you never know what good will come your way. Each opportunity can be used as a stepping stone to get you where you would like to be. Try selecting jobs that are related to your goal in some way, so when you move on to a better one, you can show that you have been developing key skills needed for your dream job.

I often forget how much I have accomplished in life because I get so focused on the goals I am currently trying to achieve. I constantly remind myself that my accomplishments are bringing me closer to where I want to be. I am also starting to realize that some of those accomplishments include those I never set out to do. I have had to apply and take jobs that I never saw myself doing, just to get by. I have done everything from waitressing to working as a residential counselor to working as a sales associate, neither related to Communications or Marketing, which I studied in undergraduate and graduate school, but I have always made sure the skills I learned could be transferrable to the position I desired. As a dancer, I created many teaching jobs for myself at various dance studios and public schools in Rhode Island, by simply asking if there was any help needed or from people referring me. Passion and perseverance are a plus when striving for your dream and it helps when others know your work and can vouch for you.

Whether you have recently graduated or are just in need of a job, it is important to know how to make it to where you want to be. Everyone wants to be successful, and everyone wants to have that dream job. Here are some steps to aid you in your journey towards success:

  • Know what you are capable of and reflect on what you have accomplished thus far.

  • Always be willing to learn something new.

  • Be open to conversing with people you normally wouldn’t speak to. Introduce yourself to others and never be afraid to share your goals. You never know who you are going to meet.

  • Courage should conquer over fear. You will never know until you try.

  • ‘Failures’ can be daunting, but NO ONE is perfect. Use them as lessons to help you through your journey.

  • Laugh often and think POSITIVE! Although a challenge, these concepts will help you get through your darkest days.

It helps when you write things down (or type them if you prefer). Keep a journal of your goals and plans and how you intend to get there. Keep a record of the things that have worked for you and some of your struggles and date them. Read back on your notes every so often to see the progress you have made. Keep in mind that things happen with time and things might not happen when you want them to. You will come across those who believe in you and will support you, and those who will put you down. Don’t let that discourage you. Surround yourself with people who you can talk to, people you trust. You can achieve anything that you set your mind to. It just takes time and patience. Never give up. A dream only fades when you stop believing.

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