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Life's Lessons

Life will show you glimpses of what is ahead... signs of all the endless possibilities. Life will also hold opportunities right outside of your grasp as a test of faith and willingness to let go of the rest of the things that you think are for you. Life will allow you to stumble but will also give you small victories along the way to let you know you are on the right path. Whichever stage you're facing right now in life, keep pushing. Don't stop when you think you've made it to where you want to be. Keep growing and exploring all possiblities. Be open to several changes of your plan so that you can live according to God's plan. Be faithful and be humble and help others along the way. ~ Brianna #inspire #briinspired #keeppushing #endlesspossibilites #befaithful #behumble #helpothers #Godsplan 

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