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#TBT B2K Memories

#TBT A Diddy inspired post, since he posted B2K's Bump, Bump, Bump video yesterday on Instagram.

This is one of the coolest moments for me. In high school I was a huge B2K fan... my walls were covered in posters... you couldn't even see them. Always bought the latest WORD UP! and Right On! magazines... whichever ones had posters in them. Recorded performances and videos on VHS tapes... the days when you had to sit and wait for things to come on... you had to stay in front of the TV or else you would miss them.

I didn't get to meet them in this moment, but it was super cool that Omarion and Fizz received my drawings of them. At the time, I hadn't gotten the chance to draw Raz B or J Boog (Hope they weren't too upset!) If they ever decide to do a reunion show or concert, I'd love to be a part of the performance. *Wishful thinking!!!* Soo many people would love to see that!

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