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Terrence Green hosts Private Theater Screening of Step Up High Water Season 2

The celebration continues...

Last night Terrence Green hosted a private theater screening of Step Up High Water Season 2, in collaboration with Popular Demand. Castmates Jeremy Copeland, Marcus Emanuel Mitchell, Jade Chynoweth, Kendra Oyesanyo, and Carlito Olivero were also in attendance.

Season 2 shows us how Rigo, played by Green, deals with the death of his father and the loss of his opportunity to attend performing arts school High Water. Rigo begins to channel his anger and grief into his music, which creates a buzz that shocks a few and amazes many. Astounded by the views and comments surrounding his single, 'Take the Throne,' Rigo decides to take his rap career seriously with the help of long time friend King (Eric Graise) and A&R Executive Nine Sanders (Ashley Greene).

Produced by Timbaland, 'Take the Throne' tells the story of Rigo's rise to triumph after catching a few losses. Destined to be great, there is no question that Rigo is on his way to the top. Subscribe to YouTube Premium to find out what happens to Rigo and the rest of the characters in Season 2 of Step Up High Water. Download the 'Step Up High Water Season 2' Soundtrack,' featuring 'Take the Throne,' which is available on all digital streaming platforms.

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