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Terrence Green Stops by The Ricci and Nikkii Show

Terrence Green stopped by The Ricci and Nikkii Show on DASH Radio to discuss Step Up High Water Season 2, working with Timbaland, and his future endeavors. The radio hosts also tested Green on his Hip Hop music knowledge, got down and dirty with some dirty minds riddles, and picked his brain with what would you do questions.

Watch a clip of the interview below, where Green discusses working on his craft and the top 3 shows he'd like to work on if he weren't playing the role of Rigo on Step Up High Water.

The Ricci and Nikkii Show airs every Saturday night at 7 pm - 9 pm (Pacific Time). You can catch their show on or by downloading the DASH Radio App. To learn more about Terrence Green and see what he has coming up next, follow his handle on all social media platforms, @rawswagger. Step Up High Water Season 2 is now available on YouTube Premium.

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