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Terrence Green reflects on childhood and loss of his brother in heartfelt visual "Lil T"

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

If you could go back and talk to a younger version of yourself, what would you say? Terrence Green gives us an idea of what his conversation would be like in a heartfelt visual for his single "Lil T." The Matias Nardi and Yondo Beats produced track tells the story of Green revisiting all of the things that he would say to his younger self if he could go back in time. Green's talk with "Lil T" is not only a reflection of what he wishes he knew back then, but also a warning to the youth who face the same trials that he speaks of. Knowing that his younger brother looked up to him and was never too far behind, Green advises his younger self to be careful out in the streets.

"I'd tell him put the bags down, maybe pick a book up. The whole world is waiting for you, partna' you should look up," says Green.

As a tribute to his brother John, who he lost to suicide, Green reminds "Lil T" to pay attention to the impact he has on his little brother and to always keep him close. The single proves to be a personal revelation for Green, as he pours his heart out, sharing the things he wishes he had said and done more of.

"Don't ever let him feel like he's walking by you," says Green. "'Cuz if you let him pass without recognizing what he has to offer, he'll prob never feel that love you offer."

Before saying his peace and parting ways with his younger self, Green asks "Lil T" what he wants for his future and how he'd like to be perceived by world. Advising "Lil T" to go through life walking with his head held high, Green leaves his younger self to ponder over all of the things he has just learned.

"So tell me what that is, is it a convict or accomplishments? You want some conflict or a complement?," asks Green. "Look, walk this life out with confidence, and I'm gone."

"Lil T" is available on all major digital platforms. (Click direct links to iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify) For updates on new music and appearances, follow Green at @rawswagger on all social media platforms.

Check out the visual for "Lil T" below:

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