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Race Matters

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

After posting this on Instagram (@bcwrites) yesterday, I thought about many things. I wrote this poem OVER 10 YEARS ago! Not much has changed, except that social media has made these situations more apparent. We are seeing other people experience the same things that we have and worse! We are seeing (and hearing) people lose their lives right before our eyes! We are seeing what we've done in our daily lives (which have always been criticized and deemed inappropriate), being appropriated by others who don't look like us and now are popular "trends" (yet, still not ok for us). We may not still be bound physically, but we still are mentally... silently living in fear. Just last week while I was at home, a cop stopped to question me and I was just standing outside of my own home. Can I live? Can WE live? Figuratively and literally! This world is a scary place. 

#repost @bcwrites Shortly after graduating from Salve Regina University, I was asked to contribute to the 60th Anniversary Issue of their quarterly magazine, 'Report from Newport.' The topic of discussion was "Race Matters." Writing poetry is one of my first loves, so naturally I picked up my pen and wrote a poem in response to the topic. Wasn't too sure how it would be received, but it is the truth. It is my truth and that of many black and brown men, women, and children. Forever grateful to have had this platform to speak my mind and enlighten those who may not understand or realize the experiences that many of us go through. #BriannaCarter #publicist #journalist #poet #poetry #iwritetoo #publishedarticles #bcwrites #briinspired #speakyourtruth #shareyourstores #blackstoriesmatter #teachtheworld #skintones #conversationsonrace #racematters #salvereginauniversity #sru #universityrelations 

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