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They say speak it into existence

It will come to you,

So I write it over and over

Praying it to be true.

I think it, speak it, display it

Even through my pain,

In hopes that my efforts

Evoke change.

That is dispels the hatred

So many feel deep inside,

Who smile in your face

Yet carry their disdain with pride.

Wondering if I'll ever matter

Will they ever care,

Will I ever be able to live

Without the blatant disrespect, death threats, and stares?

Will I ever know

What it is like to be free,

To not have to tailor my look, speech, and actions

For you to "accept" me?

They fight to silence me

To re-write my story,

Taunt me, beat me, kill me

All to take my voice from me.

But our blood, sweat, and tears

Can never be washed away,

Deeply embedded in the soil...

As our likeness, inventions, and culture

Repurposed every single day.


Not equal,

Good enough to entertain

But not have a seat at the table...

We are tired, we are worn out

But we'll never give up...

We still have faith,

That our voices, our letters, and our marches

WILL create change.

Speak it into existence

Write it over and over until it rings true,

Stay strong and resilient

God will see it through.

You matter.

I matter.

We matter.

Black Lives Matter.


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