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The luxury to laugh and smile

Without looking over my shoulder...

Wish I could be

Just as carefree as you,

Without fear of the repercussions

Caused from all that I do.

A simple jog or walk

Purchase from the grocery store,

Listen to a jam in my car

Need I say more?

No matter what I say

I'm constantly crying out for aid,

Begging, pleading for my life

Tears in my eyes, hands raised.

Living daily with anxiety

Not knowing what is to come,

Praying to God this isn't my last prayer

Please give me another day, at least one.

A chance to show I am loved

And that I loved...

To show the world

I'm more than what they see,

Before I take my last breath

And life is taken from me.

Words and video will never fully emit the emotions we feel or the ability to understand what we go through EVERY SINGLE DAY! The constant stares, the constant fear, the constant anxiety... always on high alert. It NEVER ends, not for one second! It shouldn't be normal, but that is our normal. When will it change?

The names below are nowhere near the amount of lives that have been lost, yet their names and their stories you should know. It is a shame this is how they are now known, all because someone thought it was necessary to take matters into their own hands.

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