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Just a Little Bit of Faith...

Sometimes in life, we are put in uncomfortable positions... not to punish us, but to grow... to see things from another perspective... or oddly enough, to give us a break from what is truly doing us harm. We often sit and think, "God why me? Why now? How could this happen?" In the moment, it could seem like the worst thing in life. The prayer for better days just seems like a collection of words to say. Looking back, there is no easy way to get to where you are headed. It's an adjustment of your mindset that makes it easier.

Try not to worry, because it will all work out. God has a plan that He sometimes keeps to Himself. He gives you bits and pieces, but not without a little bit of trouble along the way. They say He never gives you more than you can handle. He must think I'm super strong... He must have a lot of faith in me. He's just waiting for me to let go of some of my burdens and have a bit more faith in Him.

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