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Over Saving Me

Tired of the lies

Telling me all I can be

Pursuading me to believe...

Only to tear me down

Expecting me to help you,

Over saving me.

No more energy

To do things your way

But there's no other option,

Because the results prove deadly...

So I suffer

Forcing myself to help you,

Over saving me.

No sense of relief

A break

What does that even mean?

No rest

Even at your best

It's never enough...

Doing all the work

While I watch you live scot-free

Taking all the credit

While you watch me help you,

Over saving me.

Just searching for the light

At the end of the tunnel,

A sign that my efforts

Will no longer be taken for granted...

I'm tired of fighting

For what should be

I'm over saving me,

I just want to live... freely.

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